Character Creation Rules


Stats: 20 point buy for stats
Races: Core races only allowed
Classes: Any classes beside summoner, gunslinger and cavalier.
Starting level:You start at level 2
Starting wealth: 1000gp (No item worth more than 50% of your gold).
Allowed alignments: LG, CG, NG, LE, NE
Traits: * 1 campaign trait (see down this page) and 1 trait from the APG *that makes sense (i.e. No Rich parents trait since you’re an orphan).


Character Age: *Your character has to be slighty young as you guys just attained your majority.
Your character must be an orphan who grew up at Baba’s Orphanage.

Campaign Traits

Chose one trait between the six that are proposed here.

Street Brawler:
Growing up in Mivon’s slums wasn’t always easy and you had to learn how to defend yourself. You have come to master Mivon’s renown street fighting techniques.

  • Benefit: When making an unarmed strike, you get a +1 attack bonus on attack rolls and get a +1 nonlethal damage bonus to damage rolls.

Dirty Water Drinker:
The water that flows into Mivon’s water system is not among the cleanest. Drinking it all you childhood instead of using the public fountains has somehow immuned you to the diseases it might carry. Even better, it appears that it has also made you tougher!

  • Benefit: You get a +2 bonus to fortitude saves made against the effects of poison.

Mivon Lock Picker:
Growing up in the slums which constitute a maze of locked doors and barred gates, you have learned how to get passed most of them.

  • Benefit: You get a +2 bonus to Disable Device checks made to pick locks in the city of Mivon and Disable Device becomes a class skill if it’s not already.

Mivon Gossiper:
Very few stories get passed your ears and you somehow have a talent to know what’s going on in town.

  • Benefit: You get a +2 bonus to Knowledge (local) checks made in Mivon and Knowledge (local) becomes a class skill if it’s not already.

Broken Child:
Growing up in Mivon’s Slums was so tough that very few few things still scare you today.

  • Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to will saves made against fear.

Mivon Inquirer:
Many people in Mivon know you and you know a lot of people. Gathering certain information is somehow easier for you than it is for the others.

  • Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks made to gather information in the streets of Mivon and Diplomacy becomes a class skill for you if it’s not already.

Character Creation Rules

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