Zarzuket (Zarzu to everyone but the records at the orphanage) has barely a clue of who his parents were. All he’s knew was that his first memories were of the four walls of the bloody orphanage.

He quickly discovered though that he was.. different then the other kids. Not only was he a gnome and clearly smaller then everybody else (much to his annoyance) but he had the power to make things happen. If he concentrated he could make people laugh uncontrollably! Bloody useful when the bullies tried to get at him, all he had to do was brush a hand against them and it was sorted! As such, Zarzu quickly become “popular”, and quickly got the gift of the gab listening to all the juicy tidbits from the rest of the orphans.

As he got older, His powers began to manifest in different ways, he found that if he channeled his “magic” in a certain way he could make a friend with anyone! With this life in the orphanage was pretty easy, the food was awful though, Zarzu could swear that it totally provided him with a very strong stomach!

More powers manifested, the power to blast out an array of colours seemed very pretty at first..until he found that it actually blinded his “friends” then he decided that it would be best to use it in..stressful situations.

As he neared maturity however, it dawned on him that, while these powers were great. They weren’t exactly “normal”, he knew some kid trying to be a wizard had to study real hard to acquire any sort of power, while he manifested them with ease. He decided to look into it. Whenever he could he would go to a library or any “wiseman” to discover what he was. He was told matter-of-factually that he was a sorcerer with fey blood from… somewhere. While kind of bloody disturbed, Zarzu became curious of his bloodline and is eager to learn more about his past.

After getting freedom from the oraphange, Zarzu kinda sees his life go slightly downhill, he’s stuck in a shit hole with some gold he recieved from..somewhere with some other orphans (really? he doesn’t remember them in the slightest!) At least life couldn’t get any worse right?


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