Rodrick doesn’t know who his parents are, but he doesn’t care either. They clearly aren’t worth thinking about if they couldn’t be bothered to raise him. He grew up in an orphanage, and life pretty much sucked. There was never enough of anything to go around. Early life in the orphanage was tough, but once Rodrick got into his early teens, he began to fill out and was quickly becoming one of the stronger kids.

Rodrick quickly learned to use his size to protect himself, and those few kids he considered friends. Once he was old enough to wander around the city he started attending as many underground fights as he could find, and once he thought he had learned enough, began joining them. It was a few fights before Rodrick began holding his own, and before long he was winning most of his fights.

We this new found source of money, Rodrick was able to move out of the orphanage and help out his friends.


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