Character's Advancement

HP Gain

HP at 1st level: Max dice + bonuses
After 1st level Follow the houserule method that follows.

  • HD = 1d6: 1d4+2/level
  • HD = 1d8: 1d5+3/level
  • HD = 1d10: 1d6+4/level
  • HD = 1d12: 2d4+4/level

Example: A 1st level rogue with 10 constitution and thus 8HP reaches level 2. Instead of rolling 1d8 like he normally would, he rolls 1d5 and adds 3 to the result. Let’s say he rolls a 4, his HP will now be 15 (8 for lvl 1 + 4 fo his roll + 3 for the vallue associated to the roll).

Character's Advancement

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