Glib Gobsnapper

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Glib has wild Red Hair, and keeps his facial hair as long as possible to avoid confusion with local human children. He wears Simple Common Attite, Well formed trousers and a simple Pack. Having purchased and lost a dagger in the past, Glib keeps his prized possession in the scabbard. A thin wiry stick. Despite the halfling’s boasting most view the item as little more then the stick, unknowing to the wands true power.

Glib is always trying to prove himself, and has grown to have an over fondness of magical trinkets, from scrolls to strange devices. The halfling finds it hard to keep his hands off such items, and the lure of them always seems to land him in trouble.


A little too fond of magic, this could lead into some dire situation, experientially with his rouge background.

Glib gets along best with young humans, who often see him as someone their own age. When he is not out in search of magic he is usually visiting the orphanage telling his wild tales to the kids.

Glib had it rough growing up, being an orphan of his race, many mistook him for a child even though he was well past the age of release. as such he found him self often attempting escape, to release his growing boredom. He has a problem with authority.

Glib was orphaned after birth, his parents he knows little about. Glib was what some would call the problem child of the orphanage. As he would constantly attempt to escape and find his own parents. The orphanage moved him around a bit and when he was in his mid teens he found his home in Baba’s Orphanage.. Glib was finally close to the same size of many of the other orphans, less prone to being picked on he was less disruptive, attempting now to use stealth to explore the city. It was not until his 18th birthday that the orphanage realise their mistake, By that time Glib was half way through his training as a wizard, sneaking out when he could to learn from a local sage, and had nearly mastered what he knew of stealth.

Released Glib promised the other kids he would return to visit, and went to learn what he could of the world. Completing his training his master gave him a simple leather bound book, a quill, ink, and paper, as well as the wand he holds so dear.

Now glib Seeks out magic and adventure where ever he can.

Glib Gobsnapper

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